Tesla to help build on-site charging stations for its first Semi customers

 Tesla is going to be working with its first pilot customers for its all-electric Semi truck to build charging stations at their shipping facilities, Reuters reports. We know relatively little about how Tesla will be piloting its truck thus far, but this new info sheds some light on the charging component of the puzzle. Tesla will be working with Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi and UPS at least to build… Read More

Researchers observe electrons zipping around in crystals

For the first time, scientists have tracked electrons moving through exotic materials that may make up the next generation of computing hardware, revealing intriguing properties not found in conventional, silicon-based semiconductors.


My Tesla Model X test drive made me an Autopilot superfan

 This past week, I’ve had the chance to try out a brand new Tesla Model X P100D, on loan from Tesla for my use during a trip in and around San Francisco.
Needless to say, the car got a lot of attention, especially given its all-black exterior and high contrast all-white leather cabin styling. And of course, the P100D’s instant, extreme acceleration was a blast to use first-hand… Read More

An all-Tesla racing circuit is now one step closer to reality

 An all-Tesla stock car-style racing series just got one step closer to reality: The proposed series was approved by the same industry association that manages Formula One and other major international motorsport competitions, The Verge reports. This means more work ahead, however, including securing the requisite amount of teams and funding, as well as dealing with Tesla itself. While Verge… Read More

Research gives optical switches the ‘contrast’ of electronic transistors

Engineers have taken an important step toward the creation of a working optical transistor: precisely controlling the mixing of optical signals via tailored electric fields, and obtaining outputs with a near perfect contrast and extremely large on/off ratios.


Customizable, fabric-like power source for wearable electronics

Scientists have created a customizable, fabric-like power source that can be cut, folded or stretched without losing its function. Being highly stretchable, these flexible power sources are promising next-generation ‘fabric’ energy storage devices that could be integrated into wearable electronics.


Scientists get better numbers on what happens when electrons get wet

A particular set of chemical reactions governs everything from bridges corroding in water to your breakfast breaking down in your gut. One crucial part involves electrons striking water, and scientists still have to use ballpark numbers for certain parts of the equation when they use computers to model them. An new study offers a new set of numbers that may help scientists create better ways to split water for hydrogen fuel and other chemical processes.


Research boosts efficiency and stability of optical rectennas

The research team that announced the first optical rectenna in 2015 is now reporting a two-fold efficiency improvement in the devices — and a switch to air-stable diode materials. The improvements could allow the rectennas — which convert electromagnetic fields at optical frequencies directly to electrical current — to operate low-power devices such as temperature sensors.


Highly stretchable aqueous batteries

A team of researchers has succeeded in developing world’s first stretchable aqueous Li-ion batteries that may power the next generation of wearable devices.


Tesla responds to fresh reports of Model 3 production issues

 Tesla’s Model 3 EV delays are well-known, including in the company’s own earnings report and quarterly delivery numbers. A fresh report from CNBC on Thursday claimed that Model 3 production was even more delayed than it appeared, with specific continued issues around battery manufacturing.
CNBC also suggested that the company is “not close” to mass-production of the… Read More

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