Heat switch developed for electronics

Researchers have developed new technology for switching heat flows ‘on’ or ‘off’.


Tesla Semi does its first production cargo run with batteries on board

 Tesla is putting its new electric Semi to work, with its first run as a “production” vehicle — for a familiar client. Tesla itself is the customer, as the trucks were equipped with trailers loaded up with battery packs fresh from the Gigafactory assembly line, heading to the Tesla Fremont car factory in California. Read More

All power to the proton: Researchers make battery breakthrough

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time a working rechargeable ‘proton battery’ that could re-wire how we power our homes, vehicles and devices.


New insights could pave the way for self-powered low energy devices

Researchers have discovered more details about the way certain materials hold a static charge even after two surfaces separate, information that could help improve devices that leverage such energy as a power source.


Volvo’s hybrid Polestar 1 available for pre-order next week

 Volvo turned its race-tuning sub brand Polestar into its own company with a focus on electric performance last year, and at the Geneva Motor Show this week it revealed the Polestar 1 GT, a hybrid electric car that’s designed to go toe-to-toe with Tesla for performance-loving customers eager for alternative powertrain options. In person, the Polestar 1 is quite fetching, especially in… Read More

A simple trick for modeling calcium

Calcium ions enable cells to communicate with one another, allowing neurons to interact, muscles to contract, and the heart’s muscle cells to synchronize and beat. To better understand these processes, researchers often use computer simulations, but accurate models are challenging and computationally expensive. Researchers demonstrate how a straightforward modification in a computer model leads to highly accurate simulations, which serve as powerful tools for studying biological processes.


Renault’s EZ-GO envisions walk-on, walk-off urban EV mobility

 Renault’s EZ-GO is less concept car than a full transportation service concept design. The vehicle revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this week is a fully autonomous electric car that can’t travel fast, but that does fit as many as six passengers through a big, almost garage-like door that opens up to load people and goods easily. The EZ-GO is designed for use in urban… Read More

Honda intends to actually put its retro Urban EV concept on sale in 2019

 Honda’s adorable little Urban EV Concept stole hearts at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the automaker confirmed that it’s making a production version of the car, with a target street date of late 2019 for the cute little guy, though it’ll be a European exclusive at first. The Honda Urban EV concept features a two-door,… Read More

Porsche’s Mission E Cross Turismo is the EV crossover you want

 Porsche unveiled a new concept version of its forthcoming Mission E all-electric car today at the Geneva Motor Show. The Mission E Cross Turismo is a crossover utility vehicle with all-wheel drive, four doors and a larger cargo capacity for making sure you have plenty of room to stow your skis before you hit the slopes since this is definitely the kind of car that appeals to people who ski.… Read More

Volkswagen’s I.D. Vizzion electric sedan aims for 2022 production

Volkswagen’s big centerpiece for this year’s Geneva Motor Show is the I.D. Vizzion, the latest in its I.D. EV lineup and the car that’s designed to lead the pack as a premium offering. Volkswagen talked a lot about the Vizzion’s future-focused design and features yesterday during a special pre-show press unveiling, but on Tuesday it also detailed some more realistic near-term goals for the Vizzion, including a target 2022 production date.

The sedan, which combines ample interior space with a Passat-style exterior footprint, will eventually come in a version without any physical steering wheel or pedals, according to Volkswagen, but the 2022 version will feature a more traditional cockpit since Level 5 autonomy in the way envisioned by VW in its concept video for this car likely isn’t feasible until at least 2030.

The Vizzion is a very attractive and contemporary sedan in terms of design, however, so it makes sense that the company would be looking to put it on the street before full autonomy and a fully control-free cockpit is a practical reality. The car just plain looks like something you want to drive now, and something to draw the eye of any potential Tesla Model X buyers.

It’s based on Volkswagen’s modular MEB platform, which will provide the baes for all of its I.D. lineup, including the Crozz and the Buzz microbus. The MEB is also the future of electric cars from other brands in the Volkswagen Group, like Skokda, which is also showing off some of its future EV designs at Geneva. Central to the MEB is the flat, under floor ‘skateboard deck’-style battery, which can be paired up with a variety of drive options.

In the case of the Vizzion, the MEB features a dual motor design with a 200 HP equivalent one on the rear axle and a 100 HP version on the front for over 300 HP combined. It’s definitely a car that seems like it would appeal to drivers in the family way who also want to have a good time when on the road.