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Deregulated Electricity States: What are they?

We all know that electricity rates seem to be increasing. Those most affected live in extreme climates found in the Southwest and the Northern states. Prices don’t appear to be getting any cheaper despite a decrease in the price of heating oil and an increase electricity options. Today, you have a wider selection of on-grid and/or off-grid choices like solar and wind that you can install locally to replace or supplement electricity from your local utility.

What can you do to reduce your power rates? Well, if you live in a deregulated state electricity and/or natural gas suppliers can compete for your business whether they are headquartered locally or based in another state — they just have to be licensed in your state. Deregulation of America’s electricity sector began in 1992 under the Energy Policy Act. The Act made it easier for for wholesalers of electricity to compete but not all states have adopted deregulation. Here is a list of states that are deregulated.

List of Electricity Deregulated States for Electricity and Natural Gas

electritricity rates for pennsylvania

Pennsylvania – a electricity deregulated state


Pennsylvania formerly deregulated in 1997 but employed price controls until 2010 when consumers were first allowed to shop for electricity. The manufacturing sectors largest industry is chemicals. 19% of the state’s economy comes from manufactured product exports. Keeping energy costs low helps companies be competitive with imports and export.

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Ohio – an energy deregulated state


Ohio passed energy deregulation in 1999 but it was not until 2001 when power customers actually saw competition among multiple suppliers. As of 2017 there are nearly 800 electricity suppliers registered in Ohio consisting of marketers, aggregators, brokers, and generators. Manufacturing represents 12% of Ohio’s workforce (CNN, 2012) or 650K jobs,, a decline from nearly 800K in 2007. Low cost energy could be a win Ohio. It sees itself as a ground transportation hub for the entire country –connecting manufacturers with customers — and low cost diesel fuel makes that profitable while low cost electricity and gas make Ohio manufacturing competitive in the world economy.

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Business Benefits of Affordable Energy

  • ​Lower production costs
  • An increase in profits
  • More profits means more money to invest in people, inventory or capacity.
  • Improves your competitiveness within your industry locally and overseas.
  • The potential increase in skilled labor employment.

Illinois – an energy deregulated state


Illinois has been deregulated since 1997. Power suppliers in Illinois are particularly progressive. Consumers can choose companies that offer green technologies, fund local universities and charitable organizations. Billing promotions and long-term contract pricing are popular among suppliers and customers.

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Connecticut – energy deregulated state


Connecticut has been deregulated since

New Hampshire – energy deregulated state

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has been deregulated since

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Massachusetts – energy deregulated state


Massachusetts began deregulation in

New Jersey – electrical and natural gas deregulated state

New Jersey

New Jersey was deregulated in

Consumer Benefits of Affordable Energy

  • ​More money in their pocket
  • An increase in consumer confidence
  • Increase in disposable income means an increase in personal expenditures.
  • Possibility of overall growth in the economy and job creation in energy intensive industries.
  • Lower unemployment in states where their is chemical,  manufacturing, and fabrication – diversification of the US economy away from reliance on services and an increase in manufacturing.

New York – deregulated energy state

New York

New York began deregulation in…

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Maryland – an energy deregulated state


Maryland has been deregulated since.

Washington DC – energy deregulated

Washington DC

Washington DC was deregulated in…

Rhode Island - energy deregulated state

Rhode Island – energy deregulated state

Rhode Island

Rhode Island deregulated in

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Delaware – energy deregulated state


Delware deregulated in

Georgia – energy deregulated state


Georgia deregulated in

National benefits of affordable energy

  • A restoration of low cost energy can improve US manufacturing’s competitiveness in the world
  • Locally sourced affordable energy improves our country’s ability to be less and even totally energy independent
  • Energy independence safeguards our country’s sovereignty.

Texas – energy deregulated state


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